Check Mate Retreat

The Real on Relationships

            Mario Hood                      Bill & Ruth Merz                  Theda Sturm               Belinda Gammage          Pamela Davis      Todd & Kimberly Jordan   Eugene & Carrie Walton

Our 2017 Panelist

Between all of our 2017 Panelist, there is over 115 years of marriage represented. We tell you that because we want you to understand the magnitude of the insight and depth of knowledge that comes to the table. Each Panelist comes to us with an array of perspectives. We have singles, dating, divorced and married all represented, as well as a Family Therapist. We wanted to give you a number of perspectives in hopes that you would feel as if you too were represented within the mix.

Come out and meet our Panelist. Bring your questions, concerns and stories. We want to build a safe community where we can come together and get real about relationships. We hope you join us!